Kaberamaido Churches Receive Iron Sheets and Financial Support from Local MP

In a significant move to support local religious institutions, Kaberamaido County MP Hon. Edakasi Alfred Elalu Olale has donated 100 pieces of iron sheets for the roofing of Agule Church of Uganda in Kamuk Parish, Kaberamaido Sub County, Kaberamaido District. This generous donation, made on Sunday, June 9, 2024, aligns with Edakasi’s manifesto to aid churches and schools in the district.

Speaking at Agule Church of Uganda, Edakasi emphasized that his actions stem from genuine love for the church rather than political motives. “Whatever thing I am doing is not because of politics; if it was because of politics, I would not succeed. I only do these things to glorify God,” he stated, urging Christians to remain faithful and view the church as a place of refuge.

Continuing his support, Edakasi donated 35 iron sheets for roofing the priest’s house at St. James Ajuk Chapel. He encouraged the congregation to work hard for financial development by keeping domestic animals and avoiding idleness at trading centers. “When you use time well, you can flourish. Instead of wasting time at the trading center, rear animals like pigs, goats, and rabbits as a way of moving away from poverty,” he added.

Additionally, Edakasi contributed one million shillings to St. Robert Abola Catholic Chapel in Kamuk Parish to assist in fixing windows. He also pledged to construct a health center at Temele Trading Center to reduce the 4km trek to Alem Health Center for medical services.

Local community members expressed their gratitude for Edakasi’s support. Abiji Stella and Adijo Ruth from Agule Church of Uganda praised the MP for his generosity, while Elwelu Emanuel from St. James Ajuk Chapel promised electoral support for Edakasi in the upcoming 2026 general election, noting that such contributions were unprecedented in the district.

Edakasi Alfred Elalu Olale, serving his first term in the 11th Parliament since his election in 2021, has actively supported numerous churches and schools both materially and financially in Kaberamaido District. His initiatives reflect his commitment to community development and the welfare of his constituents.


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