Dokolo district disburses UGX 6.9 billion to PDM beneficiaries

Dokolo – After receiving a total of 7.6 billion under Parish Development Model (PDM), Dokolo district has so far given out 6.9 billion shillings to beneficiaries across the 71 SACCOs.

According to Moses Ocen , the District Vice chairperson, out of the 6.9 billion disbursed across the district, 504 million went to beneficiaries in Adok sub county, 725 million benefited Agwata town council, 334 million given to Agwata sub county, 531 million to Amwoma sub county, 502 to Bata town council, 597,500,000 went to Bata sub county, 647 to Dokolo sub county and 487 to Okwalongwen sub county.

Other sub counties like Adeknono got 530 million, Dokolo town council 552 million, Kangai sub county 388 million, Kangai town council 398 million, Kwera 324 million, and Okwongodul 409 million shillings.

Ocen says the disbursement is equivalent to over 90% of what the district has received covering over 6,000 households.

He urged the beneficiaries to use the money to create wealth and to solve poverty-related matters.

Meanwhile, Ceasar Obadah, the Bazukulu coordinator for Lango sub region says Lango districts have disbursed over 19 billion.

Obadah who formally worked as Lango sub-region coordinator under the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) warns beneficiaries against using the money on unproductive work.

He said government still has more projects and money that are underway but needs people who can receive and use it for a purpose meant for it.

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