Dokolo Flood Victims Yarning for Support

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo April 17

The recent floods in Dokolo district have left thousands of residents in a state of emergency. 

Over 152,000 people have been displaced and vast areas of crops and gardens have been destroyed. 

The victims, mostly from Adeknino Sub county, Agwata town council, Kwera and Okwongodul are pleading for immediate support from the government and well-wishers.

Peter Angeca, a 55-year-old resident of Amuk village in Awelo parish, Adeknino Sub county lost his entire six-acre garden to the floods. 

His crops like simsim, cassava, sorghum, maize, and millet have all been washed away.

Angeca now finds himself struggling to provide shelter for his two wives and nine children after being displaced in March.

The situation is not any better for Marina Owera Abiram, a resident of Telela village in Adeknino parish. 

She insisted that any form of help to the Dokolo flood victims should not go through sub-county leaders due to concerns of corruption.

Kabila Kenneth, the Adeknino Sub county speaker, highlighted the impact of the floods on service delivery. 

He said the community access road connecting Amuk village to Bata Ebwol village in Awelo parish has been submerged, making it difficult for residents to access essential services .

The lack of proper transportation has also affected school-going children, who are forced to share one boat with the community to access education at Abalang Modern primary school located 3Km from the landing site.

Tonny Okwir, the LC1 chairperson of Bata Ebwol village, requested for more boats to ease transportation and ensure the safety of the children especially when going and coming back from school.

LC5 chairperson James Otto Apili sharing boat with community members to meet his electorates of Bata Ebwol village. (Photo by Ouni Jaspher)

Sadly, the floods have also led to an increase in malaria cases in the affected areas where Amit, Alao, Amuk, and Bata Ebwol villages are alarmingly high. 

According to Dr. Rosemary Austin Alwoc Ogwal a former aspirant in the recently concluded Woman Mp by elections, the situation if not addressed promptly, there is a risk of a widespread outbreak of water-borne diseases, potentially resulting in loss of lives.

She added that the cries of the Dokolo flood victims for support cannot be ignored. 

“As the affected communities struggle to manage the disaster, it is crucial for the government and well-wishers to come forward and provide immediate assistance” She said on Wednesday while visiting the affected communities in Adeknino sub county.

She noted that the resilience of Dokolo district lies in the hands of those who can lend a helping hand urging stakeholders to extend support to the Dokolo flood victims, and bring hope to those who have lost everything.

In 2021 former Dokolo North member of Parliament Paul Amoru also supported flood victims with boats to easy transportation.


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