NRM Defectors Granted Second Chance After Dokolo By-Election

By Ouni Jaspher 

Dokolo April 9

Forgiveness, they say, is divine and in Dokolo, it’s shown to shine amidst the aftermath of the by-election.

The recent Dokolo by-election has left many wondering about the fate of the NRM defectors who openly supported and campaigned for the opposition candidates.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the party has announced that these defectors will not face any punishment and will be welcomed back into the party with open arms in the belated Dokolo NRM membership registration.

This decision was announced by John Bosco Otoke, the NRM party administrative secretary, during a morning show on LBS radio on Tuesday while mobilizing members to participate in this five days activity.

According to Otoke, as a party, they believe in forgiveness and will not punish their members for denouncing the party and supporting the opposition especially during Dokolo by-election that left NRM candidate second against UPC’s Sarah Aguti.

He further added that as “prodigal sons and daughters biblically,” they have chosen to forgive and move on from this incident.

Isaac Omara, the district NRM party registrar, explained the criteria for membership registration in Dokolo district, which includes willingness to join the party, being a true resident of the area, and being registered with both the Electoral Commission and NRM. 

He also reminded registrars to be vigilant and not register individuals who are not available during registration process.

“The membership registration process was initially scheduled to start on Wednesday, but due to a public holiday, it was then rescheduled to begin on Thursday this week and end on Monday next week. 

Dr. Lalam Grace Hanna Atine, who participated in the Dokolo by-election as an independent candidate and later withdrew, has urged party members to participate in the ongoing registration process.

Commenting on her decision to run against the NRM candidate in the by-election, Dr. Lalam stated that she joined the race because no one was ready to take up the challenge at the time. 

However, after engaging with top party officials, she decided to withdraw her candidacy. 

Another former defector, Rebecca Arao, who also ran as an independent candidate,also joined the team to mobilize NRM members to register. 

Arao, who coordinates the Office of the National Chairman in Dokolo district, reaffirmed her loyalty to the party and expressed her willingness to work with them in the future.

The NRM’s decision to forgive and welcome back their defectors speaks volumes about the party’s values and principles. 

It also sends a strong message of unity and inclusivity to its members in Dokolo district and the country at large. 

As the membership registration process continues, the party hopes to register more members compared to over 64,000 that were registered in 2020.

The Dokolo by-election may have been a contentious and divisive moment, but the NRM has chosen to rise above it and move forward with a spirit of forgiveness and unity.

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