Ex-Clan Leader Returns Stolen Condolence Cash in Act of Redemption.

Former Okadameri clan head, Jimmy Anthony Oyuku, has recently made headlines for all the ‘wrong reasons.’ 

Oyuku was recently accused of stealing shs 2 million, part of Shs 10m President Yoweri Museveni’s burial contribution meant to support the family of a deceased Charles Owani, a former clan leader of Okadameri.

Oyuku’s actions have caused a rift within the clan and have eroded the trust and respect that was once held for him. 

His action prompted the Apac central Police station to summon him, where he recorded a statement and was later released to look for the ‘stolen money.’ 

However, this weekend, Oyuku made a surprising move by refunding the entire 2 million shillings to the Resident District Commissioner Apac, George Abudul. The money was then handed over to the deceased family on Monday morning.

In a statement to reporters, Abudul revealed that the office of the President had directed him to recover the stolen money and hand it back to the family. 

He also warned people against swindling Presidential condolence contributions, stating that he always give with all his heart.

The money was received by Ronald Ogada on behalf of the late Charles Owani’s family, who expressed their gratitude towards Abudul for his effort in recovering the 2 million shillings.

Ms Santa Owani, the widow of the deceased, also clarified that Oyuku’s claims of using the money to buy other things for late Owani were false. 

She confirmed that Oyuku did not cross paths with Owani during his medical treatment, debunking Oyuku’s excuses for his actions.

When contacted, Jimmy Anthony Oyuku admitted to his mistake and explained that his siblings were ashamed to hear about the loss of the 2 million shillings. 

According to Oyuku, this prompted them to contribute 2 million giving him to refund the money to the family. 

Despite his remorse, Oyuku’s actions have caused disappointment and outrage among the community making his clan’s decision to forcefully remove him from his position in order to uphold the values and integrity of the clan. 

Oyuku’s actions have not only tainted his reputation, but have also caused a divide within the clan.

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