National Census 2024: UBOS readies groundbreaking digital census for Uganda

Kampala. In a fervent drive to capture the nation’s pulse, Uganda is poised for a momentous National Population and Housing Census, slated for May 2024.

Dr. Chris N Mukiza, the head of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), made a spirited announcement during the inaugural Africa Statistics Week on November 13, 2023. The grand inauguration, graced by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, is scheduled to transpire on November 30, 2023, at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

An essential decennial exercise, the upcoming census was originally earmarked for August 2023. However, incomplete nationwide mapping procedures compelled Ubos to reschedule it for May 10, 2024. Dr. Chris emphasized a significant transition in mapping techniques this time around, emphasizing meticulous household mapping employing distinct geo-codes.

UBOS Excom members, Dr. Chris N. Mukiza (5th from left) and Ms. Marcella Karekye, Director of GCIC (center), alongside media representatives, gathered at the Annual Statistics Week 2023

This meticulous process aims to arm enumerators with interactive digital maps on tablets, showcasing households, boundaries, educational institutions, and other pivotal landmarks. Each enumerated household will transition from red to green on the digital map, indicating completion. This imminent shift to a digital census marks a departure from the conventional pen-and-paper methodology employed in prior counts.

Thoughtfully crafted questionnaires will guide respondents, and the ensuing data will undergo digital processing for statistical analysis. The profound significance of the National Population and Housing Census reverberates across vital spheres, illuminating strategic planning for the nation. This exhaustive census not only provides a demographic overview but also acts as a foundational compass for socio-economic planning, resource distribution, and policy formulation, aligning with the dynamic needs and ambitions of the populace.

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