Vocational skill graduates urged to incorporate Religious principles to break the cycle of deception

With the increasing demand for skilled workers in today’s job market, vocational skills have become more important than ever.

These skills not only provide individuals with practical knowledge but also open up opportunities for better career prospects and higher income. 

However, for vocational trainees, the learning journey does not end with graduation. As Pastor Lawrence Ogwang of Victory Outreach church emphasized, it is crucial for these individuals to further their studies for a brighter future.

Recently, Pastor Ogwang congratulated 25 graduates who completed vocational skills training at Jomath training center Dokolo.

However, he reminded them that this is not the end of their studies, but rather a stepping stone towards greater success. 

According to Pastor Ogwang, one of the main reasons is to equip them with the word of God. He believes that technical job owners who are also grounded in the word of God are unique and can provide better services to their customers. 

“In many African settings, there is a belief that skilled workers often deceive their customers, leading to poor service delivery” Ogwang explained.

He noted that by integrating God’s teachings into their vocational skills training, these graduates can break this stereotype and build trust with their clients.

Furthermore, Pastor Ogwang urged the graduates to learn how to manage their customers effectively. 

As the director of Jomath training center Dokolo, Joel Ocoo, also emphasized, it is crucial for young people who are still unemployed to consider vocational skills training. 

“By honing their skills, they can become job creators rather than job seekers” he said.

He said With the support of dedicated parents and the guidance of skilled trainers, these graduates are now equipped to pursue further studies and reach their full potential.

Ocoo called upon partners, donors and well-wishers to support vocational skills training because parents always gets problem when it comes to sustaining trainees at school.

Most parents who attended the event noticed that as they say, knowledge is power, and by furthering their education, these vocational trainees can unlock endless opportunities for themselves and the future generations to come.

This recent graduation marks their second successful batch of graduates, and the center continues to attract more young individuals looking to gain practical skills. 

By continuously learning, these graduates can develop their skills further, stand out in the job market, and contribute towards the growth of their communities as vocational skills training is a valuable investment for individuals looking to secure a successful career. 

Located in Gorogoro “B” cell, Northern ward Dokolo town council, Jomath training center Dokolo is making a significant impact in the community.

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