NRM postpones Membership Registration in Dokolo District:

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo March 13.

As Dokolo district gears up for a crucial by-election, the administrative secretary of the NRM party, John Bosco Otoke, has announced that the update or registration process has been postponed until further notice. 

This decision comes as the party headquarters aims to ensure a smooth and fair election for the district’s new woman representative in Parliament.

In a recent interview on LBS’s Odiko Alyet morning show, Otoke confirmed that the party has instructed the Dokolo district branch to postpone the update or registration process. 

He also assured members that the new date for the exercise will be communicated after Dokolo by-election. 

Otoke further noted that all the necessary materials for the update or registration are ready and waiting for the new date, and that the process will be completed without any difficulties.

“Being a registered member of the NRM party has its benefits, and with this postponement, it is important for every member to understand its significance. Not only does it allow one to actively participate in the party’s decision-making process, but it also ensures that their voice is heard” He mentioned.

Additionally, Otoke says being a registered member opens up opportunities to represent the party and the district in various political forums.

With the upcoming by-election, Otoke emphasized the importance of unity among NRM members in Dokolo district. 

He urged them to use this postponement as an opportunity to spread the word and encourage fellow party supporters to update or register in the NRM register once the new date is announced. 

Otoke’s confirmation of the readiness of materials and the assurance of a new date being communicated shows the dedication and commitment of the party to its members. 

Countrywide the process has kickoff today and will end on Sunday March 17.

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