Uniting for Progress: Dokolo District Join Forces with Lwero District for Enhanced Service Delivery

By Ouni Jaspher

Dokolo March 13 

Dokolo District Local Government has taken a crucial step towards improving its performance and enhancing development by organizing a study visit to Luwero District Local Government.

This visit, according to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Dokolo, Richard Madete, will provide an opportunity for their staff and councillors to benchmark on key areas and learn best practices from Luwero’s success and it is scheduled for Thursday March 14.

Madete said the decision to choose Luwero as the benchmarking destination was based on its outstanding performance in the recent National Performance-based Assessment.

He said the visit will focus on three key areas: education, micro-scale irrigation, and local revenue. 

“These areas have been identified as crucial for Dokolo’s development and the visit aims to gain insights on how Luwero has effectively managed them” He said.

The first area of focus, education, will look at how Luwero has successfully implemented school feeding programs for learners in government primary schools. 

The team will also learn about the income-generating activities in these schools and the roles of local leaders and the community in their development. 

Micro-scale irrigation is another key area of interest for the Dokolo team. 

They will benchmark on how Luwero efficiently handles irrigation facilities, ensuring their sustainability and availability for farmers. This includes understanding the market for produce and the effectiveness of co-funding by farmers. This knowledge will be crucial in improving agricultural productivity in Dokolo.

The visit will also focus on local revenue, a critical aspect of any District’s development.

The team will learn about Luwero’s process of handling property tax, they will also gain insights into the different sources of local revenue and strategies used for its mobilization, including revenue collection from government parastatals among others.

According to the district communication officer Musafiri Suwed, the study visit will involve the heads of departments and councillors, ensuring that all key players in the development of Dokolo District are actively participating. 

“This collaborative effort will provide a holistic approach to learning and implementing best practices for the District’s development” Musafiri explained.

He adds that by benchmarking on crucial areas such as education, micro-scale irrigation, and local revenue, the district is taking a step towards sustainable development and growth.

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