Jealous wife stabs girl she mistakenly thought was with her husband

Nebbi – Police in West Nile region and Nebbi have in custody jealous wife who allegedly stabbed to death a 16-year- old juvenile after she mistakenly thought she was with her husband.

The suspect Immaculate Anibu a 25 year old peasant of Gotal village in Parombo Subcounty is accused of stabbing to death Ruth Ayome Blessing of Ayago lower village in Nebbi district.

It is alleged that the victim was attacked from behind when she was seated with a friend of hers called Ramon Mungujakisa an 18-year-old male adult. The woman thought that the victim was seated with her husband Sunday Komakech only to realize after stabbing her with a knife and killing her that he was not the one.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says the suspect is currently in custody to help in investigations over the matter.

“We strongly condemn such acts of rage, anger, temperament and jealous that can lead to the death of innocent victims like in this case,” said Enanga