Agro-input dealers tipped on better seeds ahead of planting season

Dokolo – As the second planting season sets in, Agro inputs dealers have been told to sell out better seeds for higher yields to maximize sustainable growth and promote better crop production.

Godfrey Katwere, the marketing manager at NASECO seeds made the statement on Thursday last week while meeting different agro-inputs dealers from the districts of Dokolo, Amolatar and Kaberamaido.

Katwere said that Lango is set to be their strong area of operation because most farmers have realized the benefits of planting improved seeds and are getting good yields.

“The region still has a vast area for agricultural activities and when they adopt weed control techniques then there is going to be a good production of crops” Katwere said.

When asked to explain the expected production of maize grain in the first season following their seeds sale, Katwere said almost 40% of the production will come from Lango compared to other regions.

The meeting was aimed at skilling Agro inputs dealers on farm dynamics and decision making, Hybrid that meet farmers’ expectations, and balanced fertilizer application among others that can be given to farmers seeking advice from the input dealers.

According to Katwere, NASECO seeds have various maize varieties such as Swift which takes only 105 days, Longe 10H taking 120 days, DT-Max taking 110 days, Bazooka taking 125 days, Turbo 130 days, Wannak 160-180 days and Kayongo – Go 120 days in the garden. Other seed varieties are Beans, soya beans and vegetables among others.

Katwere said they are pleased with the actions by Lango districts to embrace improved quality seeds that are tolerant and adaptive to the environment.

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